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was loaded on the gel in each lane. In a genetic screen for mutations affecting fat accumulation in the intestine of Caenorhabditis elegans, nematode worms, we have isolated mutations in the aex-5 gene, which encodes a Kex2/subtilisinfamily, Ca2-sensitive proprotein convertase known to be required for maturation of certain neuropeptides, and for a discrete. Nilsson, L; Li, X; Tiensuu, T;. Coli HT115(DE3) Lacking selD. Elegans gene knockout consortium for strains and. In this salt learning assay, worms that have grown at normal salt concentrations and in the presence of abundant nutrients are first starved for four hours in the presence or absence of salt and then assayed for their chemotactic response to NaCl. Because the common ancestor.

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Synchronized eggs were grown at 20C to the 2nd larval stage (L2). Clark SG, Chiu C (2003). Visa publikationer i DiVA, fäll ihop. We observed a reduced efficiency of translation as well as a lower production of neurotransmitters in Elongator mutant worms. Neurons in the elpc-1 ( tm2149 ) and elpc-3 ( tm3120 ) mutants show reduced production of neuropeptide. Identification of these mRNAs might help in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of Elongator-related human diseases. It is noteworthy that although bli-3, mlt-7 or pdi-2 mutants display molting defects, they also show severe defects in cuticle synthesis; many arrest as embryos, and the larvae that escape embryonic arrest are severely Dpy or otherwise malformed ( 26, 34 ). (BI) Total tRNA isolated from wild-type and elpc-1(tm2149) worms was analyzed by hplc. The pixel intensities in wild type, elpc-1, elpc-3 and tuc-1 backgrounds before photobleaching, after photobleaching, and after 5 hours recovery are shown. (A,B) The parts of chromatograms between retention times.5 and.5 min are displayed. Embo J 20: 231239. Elegans is encoded by open reading frame F29C4.6.

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