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Diablo 2 mephistos soulstone dupe

diablo 2 mephistos soulstone dupe

his prison and Tal Rasha served as his host, though his soulstone fragment was taken from him by Marius, an individual who had traveled with the Wanderer. In the mortal realm they caused widespread ruin and suffering. 1 Over twenty years later, a fragment of what looked like the red soulstone was found beneath the Tristram Cathedral. I have talked to everyone in the town and I have no more quests but I don't know what else to do I know there is more than this to the game. The Lord of Hatred, Mephisto, was the first of the three brothers to be caught and imprisoned within a soulstone. The same heroes who had defeated his brothers eventually fought and defeated him, but not before he had fused his shard into the Worldstone, corrupting it with the destructive energies the shard had accumulated. In Diablo and Diablo II, Diablo's soulstone is seen directly in the Lord of Terror's head.

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The task of using these stones to bind the Prime Evils was entrusted to the. By corrupting the stones the Prime Evils could now tap into their tremendous powers (the stones were linked to the Worldstone itself). 1 Corruption Edit "Tyrael was a fool to have trusted me! He spread his influence across the higher ranks of the Zakarum priesthood and corrupted the surrounding lands of Kurast. Mephisto was the first evil to be captured, and his soulstone was entrusted to the. The player must then proceed to destroy the soulstone at the Hellforge. 1 4 Diablo was ultimately defeated, but his shattered soulstone could no longer hold his spirit. High Council of Zakarum watched over him. Even with the soulstone, Mephisto had yet to recover his true strength, therefore the Prime Evil was defeated and his soulstone taken. The Prime Evils were told by Izual that they could use the power of the Soulstones to tap into the power of the Worldstone while they were in Sanctuary.

Mephisto's soulstone destroyed at the Hellforge. I've been playing for about two hours and I'd rather not force-lock the game and loose everything I've picked up in that time. Please help any help is greatly appreciated. He was then entombed beneath the. Their colors were sapphire, amber, and crimson; they would be used to bind.