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Elm borer foton

elm borer foton

with Imidacloprid have been ineffective in controlling this pest. Image on left: Before treatment, fruit tree borer damage in Golden elms can be very extensive to the point of ring barking the entire trunk and killing the tree.; Image in middle: During treatment, tree Recovering; Image on right: After treatment. Canada and the, united States. It is a known pest of over fifteen species of trees and vines with damage now seen in Golden, English and and Dutch elm cultivars, Oriental Plane trees and a number of Oak, Maple and Birch species. Fruit tree borer and other lepidopteran insects have a very high tolerance to Imidacloprid insecticides, and are ineffective, regardless of formulation or delivery method. Image on left shows fruit tree borer old damage and new callous growth.

It feeds on, ulmus rubra and. Cato Park Northern Grampian Shire. Read our fact sheet on, fruit Tree Borers. It acts as a vector for the fungus, ophiostoma ulmi, and as a host to the parasitoid wasp, cenocoelius saperdae. New callous tissue is evident on June 17th 2008.

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elm borer foton

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